Ain’t no party like a NextFest party.

I’ve picked up on this trend circulating through companies around West Michigan, and it’s called partying. The kind of parties that usually celebrate a milestone, anniversary or otherwise important date. I’m definitely not complaining because I, too, like to party. I just didn’t realize what a trend it was until my inbox started filling up with invitations and my calendar started getting stacked. (I’m really not that popular, you guys.) But now I can officially say that I am a part of this notable trend because we just threw our very first event - open house style!

Let’s recap, shall we? Our first annual ‘NextFest’ took place on Thursday, October 5th. Since we’re all settled into our new space, we decided to make this first party an Open House for our friends, family, clients and colleagues. As soon as the RSVPs started rolling in, we knew it was going to be pretty special. When we first started planning this bad boy we certainly didn’t expect the amount of support and love from everyone who came and from those who had to politely decline. We were so honored and humbled to be included on so many folks’ calendars. And, despite the dusty stairs, you guys really showed up!

So how did it go? It went great - for real! We set up a watching station on our production table with our capabilities presentation on loop, complete with walkman-style headphones for your listening pleasure. We had SWAG strewn about like it was 1999– there’s still some left so if you didn’t get a koozie, button, sticker, or matchbook, let us know! We set up a coaster-stamping area because–why the hell not?! We had beer, we had wine, we had liquor and, most importantly, we had a killer spread provided by the always on point Alpenrose Restaurant. (Shout out to Aaron for killing a whole plate of pesto chicken skewers!) And don’t forget about the rousing game of Head’s Up on the balcony.

While the party was super fun, and the day after was not so much, the important thing that we took away from the event is that our little team, our startup agency, is backed by one hell of a support system. THANK YOU to each and every one of you! We can really feel the love!

Next year will be bigger and better, so be on the lookout for your invite to #WelcometoNextFest2018! We’re already getting pumped!
PS- Sorry we didn’t take more photos- we partied instead.


Amber Gray