A Day in the Life of a Producer

8:29 AM
Most days I make a pourover coffee in a travel mug before I head out the door. Today, I opt to stop in at Lemonjellos and fill up my big faux-Yeti with Madcap Six.One.Six from the airpots. It’s going to be a big day, so I need a big coffee.

8:37 AM
Checking email and getting settled. My Instagram inbox has some “game changers” and drool-worthy camera rigs that Rich found during his late-night perusal of social media and the Interwebs.

9:14 AM
Diving into the archives to finish taking inventory of Client Spinal Tap’s* video library and making note of additional shots needed to produce a new anthem video for them.

10:49 AM
Katy is writing digital ads for Client Big Bird and needs to confirm details about a couple people we interviewed on camera. We fire up the Premiere project and find what we are looking for right away. Score!

11:48 AM
One of the benefits of living 5 minutes from work is being able to easily go home for lunch. Today, I am sticking around the office, though. We are having a team lunch to review our progress for the last quarter and our goals for the next one.

1:53 PM
Lyndsie is the 2018-2019 campaign chair for Greater Ottawa County United Way. We are helping her do a short video. Rich and I MacGyver some lights together and do a quick camera setup—just another day in the office.

2:52 PM
Client Kermit is coming in at the end of the day to review and discuss a series of videos we are putting together for their new website. The team gets together to review some initial feedback and prepare for arrival.

4:01 PM
Kermit arrives. We re-watch all the video rough cuts together to discuss final edits. I love how we collaborate with clients to get a final product they feel excited about. The Kermit team are experts in IOT and analytics. This is a bit of an education opportunity for us to better understand what is happening in the visuals that we acquired for them.

5:57 PM
Meeting went a bit longer than expected, but there was a lot to get through. Time to go home to Erin and Brukey. I am planning on making Açorda a Alentejana for dinner. It’s a Portuguese soup made with garlic, chickpeas, jalapeño, smoked paprika, lemon, Parmesan, olive oil, and a crap-ton of cilantro—served over sourdough croutons with a soft-boiled egg on top. I found the recipe from Milk Street and am pretty excited to try it.


*Client code names have been given to cover our ass(ets).

Scott Tanis