Gut Essen.

If you’re going to operate in a creative industry like food, and if you’re going to compete in a restaurant culture like Grand Rapids, then you’re going to need some creative partners who love to eat and love design. On the brink of closing its doors, the iconic restaurant Alpen Rose looked at its 25 year history and decided to fight for its story. Alpen Rose approached us to reimagine their identity and infuse the brand with some new life. We noted their fresh take on classic European dishes, local farm-to-table ingredients and renowned Austrian chef, and we drew that all together with the “Gut Essen” campaign. Our goal was to communicate to local residents that an experience of Europe is a lot closer than you think. Giving their German heritage a bright and modern twist, we watched as Alpen Rose started serving new patrons who ordered whatever dish was featured in that month’s print ad. That’s the kind of complement we crave for work well done.