Naturally Inspired.

What’s the best way to celebrate a company legacy of 30 years? A fresh look to match the fresh vision of leadership. While Blue Ridge has deep connections to and investment in their name, the company was looking for a refined mark that better articulated their story, capabilities and expertise. Architects of the elements, Blue Ridge is known throughout the region for landscaping stone, earth, fire and water to holistically define space in fresh and imaginative ways. We ensured their new mark did the same.

By reflecting each of the Blue Ridge elements through the common shape they share, we visually articulated the way in which Blue Ridge designs a cohesive space. In addition, we broke the mark out to make a series of celebratory 30-year anniversary logos for social media and event content. Applying the mark to company uniforms and vehicles, the new Blue Ridge look has made quite an impression this spring season and leadership couldn’t be more jazzed.