A Better Game.

When it comes to changing your company name, we’ll be the first to tell you it’s a challenge—one requiring plenty of prep and clear communication. SNA, a national athletic equipment company, showed up at our door 2 years into that process—and it wasn’t going well. Losing clients to a competitor with a similar name, SNA needed to reassert its brand, win back its clients and start highlighting its offerings in a way that connected with users and anticipated their needs.

Our inquiry sessions with the SNA team quickly revealed their website was the primary bog in communication. This was where advertising pointed and where potential clients got lost. Our solution? An information overhaul on all levels of the site—transforming how SNA told their story, how long it took users to navigate to desired products and how the site served up complementary purchases based on user-behavior. We also created a new library of video and photography assets that highlighted the professionalism of the brand, helping customers see SNA as a preferred supplier at the professional, collegiate and high school level.