We Cardinal.

Let’s be honest: higher ed is a difficult market right now. Every institution is looking for quantifiable data for how to best connect with students and their parents: Should we use Snapchat? Is print dead? And every institution wants proof their marketing plan is strategically sound: Should we lower our admissions requirements? Is a drop in tuition a death sentence? When SVSU approached our team, they were asking the same questions. So we brought in a strategy partner, rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

After mapping the intricacies of what made SVSU unlike any of their competitors, we refined a message that only SVSU could own. The data showed that students who picked SVSU longed to join a community—they valued success, but they wanted it paired with teamwork and personal relationship with their professors and classmates. So we launched the “We” campaign.

Less than a year in, we’ve reestablished the brand and completely retooled the school’s admissions funnel. Already, SVSU has logged more prospective visits, more summer orientation registrations and a significant jump in favorability ratings among students across the state. And we’re just getting started.